About Us

Pleasure was our starting point and remains our goal. After wandering beneath clear blue skies as backpackers, we arrived in Haute-Gaspésie in 1988, settling in this landscape that blends the mountains and the sea. Founded in 1993, our company is deeply rooted in the family tradition of fine dining, combined with our great curiosity for culinary cultures and everything that relates to the pleasures of the table.

After nearly two decades of success in our beautiful but remote village of Mont-Louis, Quebec, we find ourselves emboldened by the spirit of the times.

As true epicureans for whom sharing is an essential part of pleasure, we are thrilled by the ability to keep in close touch with our devoted customers through the Internet and its social networks. Just as we have always done from behind our counter in Mont-Louis, being able to share news and ideas with our far-flung customers and offer you products directly from our kitchens is a cherished dream that has come true, now that the Internet has made distance irrelevant.

So while remaining the artisans of Mont-Louis, we are taking the next step in our mission to add to the shared pleasures of fine dining by offering our products directly to you, our fans and valued customers. From now on we can serve you directly from our kitchens to yours — or via a short side-trip to one of our preferred partners who share our values of warm and friendly relations with our customers.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!